A vision of silk turbans, brash brooches and bold ballgowns. Suzy has always had an eye for colour and beauty. Happiest when stitching buried under a pile of threads, calico and drawings.

Suzy creates detailed and vibrant stitched tapestries that resemble paintings through layering and blending threads. Each piece has a distinct personality cultivated from her love of animals food and the exotic landscape. She always wants to create a series of work that feels real and comes to life.

The stitched tapestries start life as a series of watercolour drawings. These provide a blueprint for the colours and shapes that need to be built into the fabric furthering the understanding of the subject matter. loose threads are allowed to hang free and the fabric to distort in its own way to create a lively and organic expression.

The statement pieces feature a fully stitched background turning the piece into a new type of stitched fabric. Each piece can use over 200 threads blending colours and building shades from dark to light.

1994/ 2013 – Studied art, textiles and photography in Dorset.

2013- Foundation degree at arts university Bournemouth 

2013/2015 – Started at the University of Westminster studying Fashion Design

2014- Internship with Zandra Rhodes and Giles deacon. 

2015 – Collaboration with University of Westminster and the costume institute. 

2016-  Started working as a studio assistant for Kaffe Fassett 

2017 – Moved to Glastonbury and started her textile business 

2017- Interned for mosaic artist Candace Bahouth 

2018 – Moved to oxford, conducted embroiders guild talks/ workshops

/2018/2019 – Oxfordshire arts week 

2020- Sky portrait artist of the year .