Wall Hanging Artwork, Embroidered Needle Painting, Bumble Bee


This Original free machine stitched cotton drawing, contains more than 100 different coloured threads.

When creating a piece I like to look at the most colourful wonders of nature and interpret what I see in stitch.
The humble bumble bee moves its wings from flower to flower, getting covered in different coloured pollens. I wanted to portray this through cloth and embroidery.

Each Tapestry is detailed and vibrant and it resembles paintings through layering and blending threads. Each piece has a distinct personality through the strands of cotton.

As an artist every piece I make is individual and unique, each piece is finished with an bright orange signature.

A handful of threads I leave loose hanging on the tapestry this is important to show the strands .

Each mount has a little description written in the bottom right hand corner saying the type of creature and its latin family name.

It comes fitted in a high quality frame with mount, it has a framing rope on the back for easy wall hanging.

This piece would look lovely in any home.

Frame Colour: Ice white

Mount Colour: Snow white

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Dimensions 32 × 3 × 32 cm


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